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Sometimes power is just part of the solution
Din Rail Power

Feature-rich DIN rail power supplies come in various materials and features like full aluminium body (CliQ) and Advanced Power Boost (CliQ M) for demanding applications.

Panel Mount Power

Panel mount power supplies for different needs. For example, the innovative PMC series with corrosion resistant aluminium body and the affordable PMT series with specifications bigger than its price tag.

Open Frame Power

offers varieties of nominal output voltage with versatile configuration options as follows.

C – Enclosed
L – L Frame
B – Open Frame (Bareboard)

Medical Power

High quality power supplies for healthcare and medical applications. The fast growing range of standard products includes AC adapters and open-frame models for many applications requiring high reliability and performance.


DIN rail modules are useful accessories to enhance your power management solution. The modules include UPS, buffer and redundancy modules which are designed to work seamlessly with Delta DIN rail power supplies.

LED Power

LED drivers that are designed according to major international safety standards for various indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. Every piece is rigorously tested for the highest quality and reliability.


Design, safety and industry standards
Project planning

A successful project not only needs thoughtful planning but also requires dedication from all parties involved. When we start our power supply project planning we break down the product specification to create a project plan detailing the stages of the project, including timelines and milestones, also taking into consideration the customers own procedures for new projects and existing commitments.

The project plan will include elements to be completed by PTS and the customer, setting dates that elements should be submitted for approval by and approved by and highlight any dependencies that could be affected should a party not complete their element by the required date. This ensures that all parties fully understand the project and what stage it should be at, at any given time.

Once agreed we will assign a manager for the project to ensure it maintains direction.

Safety standards

All good design and manufacture processes will consider the regulations put into place and other power supply safety standards to ensure their products are suitable for use in their intended applications and minimise any impact they may have on the surrounding environment.

Our products consider may factors and directives to make them as suitable as possible for the applications they are designed for. Below we will briefly detail the different safety regulations that may be required for your application.

We understand that the responsibilities of the power supply designer extend beyond the mere functionality of a unit and need to focus on the requirements of power supply safety standards that apply within their field, we will therefore detail below some of the safety standards that our power supplies can be designed to comply with.

Environmental standards

At PowerLed Technology Solutions we help our customers use resources more efficiently by employing a host of power supply environmental standards, including:environmental.

– Higher efficiency designs using advanced technology to ensure a continual reduction in component count

– More efficient design topology that reduces energy consumption

– Reduction in failure rate, often even 0%, ensuring reliable trouble free operation

– Longer lifetime on product through cutting edge design leading to distant obsolescence

– Closed loop recycling systems for all raw materials

– Environmental energy saving programs

ISO 9001:2015

BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System for total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

The adoption of a quality management system is a strategic decision for an organization that can help to improve its overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives.

The potential benefits to an organization of implementing a quality management system based on this International Standard are:

a) the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
b) facilitating opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction;
c) addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives;
d) the ability to demonstrate conformity to specified quality management system requirements.


Working with power to deliver efficiency
Fan & Thermal Management

Mobile Charging

Industrial Automation

Battery monitoring


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